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Meet the team behind Nerd Coven.


Meet the Coven



Founder of Nerd Coven. Marketer by day (check out her work on Dallas Ad Grad). She is super into astrology, crystals, and tapping into her physic nature. Cancer sun, Aries moon, Leo rising.



DFW based Astrologer and Intuitive. Specialties include Astrology, Spirit Animals / Animal Symbolism, and Angel Numbers. Pisces Sun, Aries Moon, Sagittarius Rising. 



A pagan raised chaos witch who enjoys connecting with others through astrology. Crafter of bath magic and peddler of homemade spellwork. Aquarius sun, Sagittarius moon, Libra rising.

Want to become a member of the Nerd Coven team?


Here’s are just some benefits to our dorky little coven:

  • Pic and bio. Get featured on this page with your photo, personalized bio, and link to personal page.

  • Write content. Write about (almost) anything you want, including the ability to plug outside ventures.

  • Sell your stuff. We accept local artisans and services at Nerd Coven. No need to manage your own store. Message us for more details.

  • Promote events. Will you be at a local event? Let everyone know. We will advertise any event you’ll be at for free and include free eco-friendly bags upon request.

  • Host classes. Want to teach an online course about Astrology, Reiki, or something else for extra cash or brand awareness? Message us to find out how.

  • Collaboration. Let’s work together. Our goal at Nerd Coven is to create a community of like-minded witches, artists, and other small businesses.