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What Type of Witch You Are According to Your Zodiac Sign

Any witch out there knows that your star chart basically holds the secrets of the universe. Astrology itself is usually a gateway into understanding the world through unconventional means – aka witchy shit. That being said, here is your witchy stereotype based on your astrological sun sign.


Aries: The Daring Witch


This witch is the influencer amongst their covens. The latest books? They have it. New spells? They’ve tried it. These are the type of witches that are not only courageous in their practice but also extremely active. Don’t be surprised if the topic at dinner turns into their latest tarot reading. Or their latest hex on a friend’s ex. Or whatever.


Taurus: The Traditional Witch


You won’t see a by-the-book witch quite like a Taurus. All their free time, and expendable income, goes towards crystals, candles, and herbs. Just don’t expect them to deviate from the path, as they’ll have some strong opinions on how EXACTLY to get witchy shit done.


Gemini: The Multitalented Witch


Some witches have their preferred craft – herbalism, crystals, tarot, etc. A Gemini is not one of those witches. Geminis have to dip their toes into every aspect of witchy shit – they can’t help it! They love stimulating their brains with everything they can get their hands on. Once they discover their crafts and talents, chances are you’ll see them determined to learn everything they can about it. Oh, and tweeting about it every second they can.


Cancer: The Motherly Witch


A Cancer would be voted “most likely to kiss their crystals after working hard” or “tells candles they’re doing a great job” in the witch academy yearbook. They take their craft very personally and add a lot of emotion to spell work. They’re also incredibly intuitive, so make sure to bring a Cancer with you during your next crystal outing. I promise they’ll pick out the best gems in the place.


Leo: The Fashionable Witch


You won’t need to ask a Leo whether or not they’re a witch. You’ll be able to tell by how they carry themselves. These are the type of witches that have a cauldron on their desk or proudly wear their black hats on an everyday basis. Leos are very enthusiastic about their craft and love expressing their creativity.


Virgo: The Modest Witch


You’d never guess a Virgo was a witch. They’re more than likely very reserved about their craft. That’s not to say they’re not proud. They’re just not bold about expressing their witchy intuitions like every other sign. But once you’ve got a Virgo hooked on the craft, they’ll be very dedicated to understanding everything about it.


Libra: The Neutral Witch


Libra witches are chill AF. They’re extremely into using their craft to boaster harmony vs. anything for self-gain. Their charming personalities can fit into any coven they set their heart on joining. Honestly, the biggest downfall of a Libra is their indecision to pick the perfect spell elements or going a bit TOO hard at bonfires


Scorpio: The Passionate Witch


Scorpios are some of the most dedicated and passionate witches out there. Honestly, they were probably into spell casting before they knew it was a real and not Hollywood invented thing. Like Cancers, they can be very emotional about their craft, but in an entirely different and personal way. You can find these witches on the deep web trying to learn every aspect of their craft – even if they never plan to use it.


Sagittarius: The Hippy Witch


You know your friend that traveled to Peru to do a series of spells by Incan waterfalls and mountains? That friend just may be the new age witch that usually falls under the Sagittarius realm. These witches don’t like to be tied down by tradition and are generally driven by freedom, exploration, and challenge. Oh, and their essential oil collection is mighty.


Capricorn: The Ambitious Witch


Capricorn witches are so responsible, it hurts. They’re the type that will cast a spell to get a raise or to sell their house. They carefully set intentions and are determined enough to follow through. These witches honestly have the determination and resolve to take over the world. Should we be worried?


Aquarius: The DIY Witch


Ten bucks that your Aquarius friend’s main witchy practice is through art. They paint star charts, make essential oil soaps, and form crystal jewelry. Aquarius’ need to express themselves beyond the traditional craft. They’re just originals like that.


Pisces: The Mysterious Witch


It’s hard to pin the mystical and sometimes closed off Pisces witch down. What we do know is that these witches are dreamers and psychics. They have natural, magical talents that allow them to tap into the beyond. Pisces also have a natural, comforting energy, making them great for customer-facing crafts like tarot readings and reiki.


So, were we right on the money or did we miss completely? Let us know in the comments below. Also, make sure to make your sign proud and check out our astrology hats.