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7 Methods for Kicking Negative Energy's Ass in 2019

We’re counting down the days until 2018 is over. Witches everywhere are preparing for the new year by making resolutions, partying with the normies, and removing the negative energy the past year has built up. Here are some popular suggestions for kicking negative energy’s ass sent in by fellow Texas-based witches:


“Personally: Salt baths, sacred smoke with palo santo, sage, floor washes with basil and cinnamon. Black crystals, jet obsidian tourmaline.”

Callie Dee

“My go-to is rocks and crystals... Smokey Quartz works wonders for grounding/stablizing me, and I'm about to grid my house with black onyx. Also like obsidian. 

Sage or Palo Santo are great for smudging, but needs done periodically.”

Christiane J. Robinette

“Selenite is deeply cleansing! I have it all over my house.”

Kasey Bell


What are your plans for cleansing for 2019? Any fun New Years plans? Let us know in the comments below!