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5 Witchy Gifts to Buy Loved Ones This Holiday Season

Regardless of what holiday you celebrate, gift giving is always a bit stressful. What can you give the people you love the most that is personal and something they’d actually want? We decided to kickstart your holiday shopping with a few witchy suggestions.

Disclaimer: I do make a small profit from any purchase that results from this blog, which I use to maintain this website.


#1. Harry Potter Soup Cauldron

Whether you’re a Harry Potter fan or are just looking for your next casual cauldron, we urge you to check out this soup mug. Reviews mention it is as heavy as a cast iron, yet it’s ceramic! May not be ideal for spell-casting, but we’re sure it could brew a mean cup of tea.


#2. Natural Gemstone Planets

Listen, this one is really cool. They’re the solar system, but with gemstones. It’s the perfect marriage for both astrology and crystal lovers. Gemstones included are labradorite, serpeggiante, sodalite, red obsidian, tiger’s eye, topaz, aventurine, and cats eye. Use it for spell-casting, meditation, or just to look pretty around your hut.


#3. Mini Herbal Tea Garden

This gift is perfect for your fellow herbalist. Not only can they grow four essential herbs (Catnip, Chamomile, Lemon Balm, and Mint), but they can also use it to make their blends of tea. It’s a wonderful DIY gift for witches and “muggles” alike.


#4. Constellation Socks

Socks are the best gift. You can fight me on that. They’re quirky, affordable, unisex, and they keep your feet warm. Your loved ones can channel their love of astrology or the night. It’s literally the gift they can carry with them.


#5. The Freaking Moon

Want to feel that full moon’s power when you’re days from it? Want to balance your chakras while you meditate? Are you a nearly 30-year-old woman that still needs a nightlight to go to sleep? This adorable moon lamp has you covered. Nothing says “I love you to the moon and back” like this accurate 3D printed lamp and stand. It also glows in 16 different colors for additional calming glows and a cozy ambient.


What witch adjacent gifts have you given loved ones in the past? Let us know in the comments below!