Nerd Coven



What is Nerd Coven?

Nerd Coven is a group of witch adjacent dorks and geeks selling their homemade products. I came up with the idea after seeing all of my wonderfully creative friends work hard at selling their handmade treasures at local conventions, craft fairs, bazaars, etc. They're so busy crafting that they don't have time to market their art. That's where I decided to butt my lil' Aries Moon head in to help.

This community allows local Texas witches (for now) to concentrate on what they do best – bringing amazing energy into this world through their artistic talents. In turn, I handle the Nerd Coven brand. No crazy fees or inventory management like other online commerce networks. By shopping through Nerd Coven, you're directly supporting your local witches. 

Just wholesome support and awareness. That's what Nerd Coven is all about.


Nerd Coven Founder

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